Our Curriculum

Curriculum for Excellence: Bringing learning to life and life to learning

Curriculum for Excellence is the curriculum across Scotland for all 3-18 year olds- wherever they learn.  It aims to raise standards and prepare our children for a future they do not yet know and equip them for jobs of tomorrow in a fast changing world. We are committed to nurturing core ecological values; we promote impactful environmental actions that shape how our staff and pupils care for our common home

Curriculum for Excellence balances the importance of knowledge and skills. Every child is entitled to a broad and deep general education, whatever their level and ability. This includes planned, frequent and progressive experiences learning beyond the classroom. Every single teacher and educator at St Andrew’s is responsible for the development of literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing across our school.

Through our 4 learning characters, we develop skills for learning, life and work, bringing real life into the classroom and beyond, making learning relevant and helping young people apply lessons to their life beyond the classroom. It links knowledge in one subject area to another helping make connections in their learning. It develops skills which can enable children to think for themselves, make sound judgements, challenge, enquire and find solutions.

What will my child learn at St Andrew’s?

Curriculum for Excellence Levels

Each curriculum area in the broad general education is planned around a nationally agreed programme of experiences and outcomes (often called Es and Os). These describe the knowledge, skills, attributes and capabilities that we ensure our learners develop.

Learning opportunities often span a number of curriculum areas (for example a literacy project planned around science and technology might include outdoor learning experiences, research and the use of ICT). Our learners also engage in themed and project learning, as well as wider opportunities to show how skills and knowledge can be used in challenging, different and interesting ways. The term we use for this interdisciplinary learning.

There is an entitlement to personal support to help young people fulfil their potential and make the most of their opportunities with additional support wherever that’s needed.  There is an emphasis by all staff on looking after our children’s health and wellbeing using the Wellbeing Indicators.

Ultimately, our curriculum aims to improve our children’s life chances, to nurture successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors, and responsible citizens that care for our common home.