Classrooms Without Walls

Connected to our Space

Place making’ involves more than just learning about the human and physical geography of a place; it demands that students (who are of course community members) actively construct the ongoing story of a place’ Beames, Higgins and Nicol 2012

For every child at St Andrew’s, the journey through education must include planned, quality learning experiences that take place out with the classroom. We have embedded Learning Beyond the Classroom in all aspects of learning, teaching and assessment.

At St Andrew’s our vision for outdoor learning is that:

  • all children participate daily in outdoor learning experiences (throughout the year and in variable weather) which are embedded in our curriculum and raise attainment and achievement
  • learning beyond the classroom is seen as a normal part of the St Andrew’s learning, teaching and assessment experience (we provide waterproofs and wellies as appropriate)
  • learning beyond the classroom connects our staff and pupils with their spaces and stories, with each other, with the natural world, with our built heritage and shared Catholic values; this can happen within our grounds, our local area and at indoor and outdoor venues across our city

Every day our pupils experience ‘real learning’ beyond the walls of their classrooms


Our playground is HUGE! It wraps its arms around our building and offers us a safe and welcoming learning and teaching space. All classes use this learning space frequently throughout the week.

We recognise the angles in our trim trail and can calculate the distance between holds on our climbing wall. We write poems inspired by the seasons as they change around us and make music mirroring the rhythm of our space. We sit by ‘Nessie’ and share stories as if by the campfire. We throw and catch and race and jump.

At break and lunch our playground becomes like a hive! Children move throughout the space creating games and building relationships. The space becomes a magical land, a wild river, a mountain to summit or a world to save.

Our Astro Space

Our Astro field is well used and fully timetabled throughout the school day. Our PE staff and our class teachers support all learners to develop their physical skills and competencies as well as developing healthy competition and respectful behaviour.

Our Hill

St Andrew’s is nestled near the top of Corstorphine Hill. We make excellent use of this wild space or the Walled Garden within it and all classes learn on our hill a minimum of once per week. As humans in this community we shape this landscape and it shapes our learning.

Our Streets

We walk, cycle and scoot these streets. Dads and Mums connect here over homework and missing jumpers. Grandparents smile as they see our classes snake down the pavement to learn in the local green space. These streets are special and unique to us.

Further Afield

We love our local spaces and places but we can also learn from adventures beyond. Church, the pool and the zoo offer important, often inspiring experiences and we use them well. It is our aim that P7 classes benefit from residential experiences making memories that last a life time.

Spelling in the great outdoors!

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using our spaces to inspire and nurture