Meet Our Learning Characters

Building skills for success often begins with recognising our strengths and acknowledging areas for growth. In doing this work with our pupils, we have not only identified useful tools for conversation and exploration but also an interesting opportunity to look and learn within ourselves. In 2018 Skills Development Scotland published a key document, Skills 4.0:Continue reading “Meet Our Learning Characters”

Why I chose St Andrew’s for my children: a parent’s view

You will imagine my delight when a parent recently sent us this! What a great testimonial for our school family! Why I choose St. Andrews for my children by Lianne Donaldson School Values- I was concerned that because we weren’t from a catholic background, would St Andrews be suitable for us? But the answer is aContinue reading “Why I chose St Andrew’s for my children: a parent’s view”

Beyond the classroom, beyond the award

Last month we heard that we had been awarded the national Learning Outside the Classroom Mark (gold status), the highest accolade of its kind. As you can imagine our whole school community is thrilled with the news and despite the current summer holiday period (where our school communications and social media accounts are usually quiet)Continue reading “Beyond the classroom, beyond the award”

Classrooms without walls: how did we get to this place?

In July 2019 our journey towards establishing ‘classrooms without walls’ began. Now two years later, I’ve been reflecting on the successes, the lessons learned and perhaps most importantly the relationships with ‘place’ that we are now striving to form.  Early days When I arrived as Head Teacher in September 2018 I quickly came to viewContinue reading “Classrooms without walls: how did we get to this place?”