What to Bring


For details of our uniform, please click here. All pupils require a school bag. We can support families to obtain a bag; simply ask at the school office.

PE Kit

Pupils in P3-P7 should come dressed ready for P.E. on a Wednesday.  Pupils in P1 and P2 should come ready for P.E. on a Thursday.  Please do not come in wearing football colours.

The pupils will have plenty of opportunities to learn in the outdoors. You can find out more about our work Learning Beyond the Classroom here. Please ensure pupils come to school with appropriate footwear and a warm jacket. Wellies and over trousers are also useful in the poor weather as our grass area and hill can become particularly wet and muddy!

Toys to School

Our school is well resourced with lots of toys and resources available to the children. Please do not bring toys (including cards) from home into school. If it is your child’s special day, please click here.

Classroom Equipment

All jotters, folders and required stationery will be provided for your child. We believe that all pupils should have access to high quality resources and equipment and, as part of our poverty proofing work, want to ensure that no family feels pressure to buy pencils, rubbers or other resources.

That said, nobody loves stationery more than the teachers here at St Andrew’s! Pupils are welcome to bring in pencil cases containing stationery (nothing valuable and no scissors etc.) to use in school when appropriate. Pencil cases will be stored in pupil bags in the classroom to ensure working areas remain clutter free.

Water in School

There is much evidence to suggest that drinking plenty water throughout the day helps you think! The children are welcome to bring in water (not juice) to school each day to drink in the classroom. Bottles should be taken home at the end of each day.

We can support families to obtain water bottles; simply ask at the office.


A small healthy snack is great to eat during mid morning break. If you require support with providing your child with a snack, please contact the school office. On trip days or when we are out on the Hill we may ask for an additional item; your child’s teacher will let you know about this!

Packed Lunches from Home

If you choose to provide a packed lunch for your child please note that all uneaten contents from the lunch box will be sent home at the end of the day. This ensures that you know exactly what your child has eaten and also that you can recycle the contents of the box (a core part of our sustainability work). We know that fruit skins, pips and cores can be a bit messy after being in the box- a wee washable box for the waste works well.