Birthdays, Special Day and Celebrating Achievement

We have a long tradition of celebrating special days, sharing in the joy of a birthday and rewarding staff and pupils who demonstrate our school values (inspire, nurture, flourish).


We have a long tradition of celebrating birthdays at all stages. To mark your child’s birthday we aim to:

  • sing happy birthday in class (if your child’s birthday falls at the weekend or in a holiday period we will mark it on the nearest school day)
  • add your child’s photograph to the monthly birthday board in the main corridor
  • give your child a special birthday ribbon, badge or sticker to wear throughout the day

Everyone loves a birthday and we like to hear about how you and your family celebrate. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any cakes (whether homemade or shop bought) to give out to pupils. If you would like to bring a treat to school to celebrate your child’s special day this must be in an individual sealed wrapper (Haribo mini bags or small bars of chocolate work well) and these can be given to all pupils in the class at the end of the day for eating at home if their parent agrees. 

If you do not wish for your child to participate when it is their birthday, please contact the school office.

Please do not ask school staff to help your child hand out party invitations unless for the entire class. Party invitations for specific groups should be handed out before or after school discreetly to ensure no one feels left out.


We believe that all our lives have meaning and dignity and that our gifts, talents, background, experiences, family and faith are central to our journey. We are committed to providing opportunities where pupils:

  • can share their awareness of what makes them a unique child who has been given gifts from God (Primary 1)
  • know that a loving God has created them and that their uniqueness can develop according to God’s plan for them (Primary 2-4)
  • know that God wants them to develop their God-given gifts and can reflect on how they use them for the common good (Primary 5-7)

At some point within the academic session, each child will be selected to have their ‘special day’. The special day will involve:

  • the pupil bringing in a special object, toy or story to share with the class (school is a busy place and things can go missing; please do not send in anything valuable)
  • the pupils may choose to come to school in non-uniform if they wish (football strips are not permitted)
  • pupils listening to positive comments from their peers relating to their unique gifts and talents (and for Primary 5-7 pupils this will also be a chance to acknowledge how they use them for service to the common good); these will be recorded on a certificate for your child to take home
  • pupils in P1-P4 taking the class mascot home overnight for a special treat (please do not allow your child to put the mascot into their bed)
  • pupils in P1-P4 will be the line leader (a great privilege!) 
  • special day photograph on the class twitter feed (where photograph permission has been granted)

If you do not wish for your child to participate in their special day, please contact the school office.


At St Andrew’s we do not have weekly golden time rather each week pupils participate in Nurture, Inspire, Flourish (NIF) time where they can work on an activity, pursuit, challenge or area of personal interest.


Individual teachers and classes may choose to design bespoke reward systems to recognise their achievements. For more information, please speak with your child’s class teacher.


All pupils and staff are in a house team and meet regularly as a group to take projects forwards across the school. Each house has a P7 house and vice captain who have been elected.


Each week at assembly a pupil from each class will be awarded a Nurture, Inspire, Flourish certificate to recognise the contribution they have made to our school community. These awards often acknowledge the knowledge, skills and attributes  our learners have demonstrated. Certificates will be displayed in the main foyer before being sent home the following week for keeping as a treasure.

Although usually nominated by their class teacher, any pupil or staff member can suggest a nomination. Staff members may also be awarded these certificates.

Our Achievement Framework