Security and Safety

The safety and security of pupils and staff when attending or working in a school is very important to us. We use a number of security measures including visitors’ books, badges and escorts, while visitors are within the school building.

Normally, anyone calling at a school for any reason will be asked to report to the school office. The school staff then can make the necessary arrangements for the visit. We would respectfully ask that parents do not attempt to enter schools through another entrance, unless supervised by a member of staff.

Within the general policy laid down by The City of Edinburgh Council, the Communities & Families Department has prepared and has continuing development of, safety policy statements for all areas of its responsibility and accordingly manages health and safety and welfare in a way that complies with health and safety statutory and regulatory requirements, and all relevant approved codes of practice and guidance.

School staff are fully instructed in their responsibilities in this respect, and safety regulations apply to all aspects of school life, both on and off the premises.

It is expected that pupils will behave responsibly and comply with all safety requirements.

The support of parents/carers in promoting good practice in health and safety matters is of great importance to the school.