Unexpected Closures/ Lockdown

In the event of an emergency, such as a power cut or severe weather or lockdown, that prevents schools from opening in the morning or results in an early closure a range of communications channels are used to let parents know.

In addition, announcements will be made on local radio stations and via the Council’s corporate Twitter account www.twitter.com/Edinburgh_CC and Facebook page www.facebook.com/edinburghcouncil.

If many schools are affected, or the situation is likely to be prolonged, then the Council’s website https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/schoolclosures will also be used.

Pupil learning during these times will be facilitated using MS365. We are well prepared to offer a quality home learning experience across our school community. Simply log into your child’s MS Teams account and click on the folder for the relevant week.

There will inevitably be bumps, challenges and frustrations as we seek to get everyone up and running with MS Teams. Thank you for not contacting teachers directly via twitter, MS Teams or their personal email account; this greatly reduces our workload- rather if you need further advice (learning or technical support) please contact us via the school office so we can offer a prompt response and an excellent level of service.

Do you wish to borrow an ipad? Please email us via the school office so we can support you.