Relationships, Behaviour and Inclusion

Promoting Positive Relationships

We engage directly with parents/ carers to foster and develop our positive, inclusive, happy school family. We work together to maintain and support our shared values though strong and honest home/school communication. We work together to address, prevent and resolve any difficulties should they arise and to build on our strengths together.

We have a small number of easily remembered values which everyone in our learning community knows.

Nurture: be respectful to all

Inspire: act safely

Flourish: be ready and offer your best

These values the basis of all our conversations. It is helpful if parents can also discuss these values with their children if there has been an incident in school. The purpose of these conversations is to find solutions and develop skills that will prevent problems in the future. When things do go wrong, challenges arise or feelings are hurt we have a well developed process of restorative conversations.

You can find out more in our Anti-Bullying and Discrimination Procedure.

We are currently updating our Relationships Policy. Click back here shortly for the full version (expected March 2022). In the meantime, have a look here for the City of Edinburgh procedure as our school level policy will reflect this in full.

The City of Edinburgh’s Inclusion Statement can be found here.

Our draft procedure to support distressed learners can be found here.