You will find a huge amount of information in the school handbook and on the website. Any further questions can be directed to the school office via email admin@foxcover-rc.edin.sch.uk If you have any informal questions or you’re looking for hints, tips and ideas from other parents then this is your chance!

What do you need for school?

Full school uniform – shirt/ polo shirt (white), jumper/ cardigan (royal blue), trousers/ skirt/ pinafore (grey), socks/ tights and shoes (black), summer dress in warmer weather (optional)

PE Kit – t-shirt, shorts/ leggings, trainers.

Outdoor Kit – waterproof coat, waterproof trousers and outdoor shoes or wellies.

School bag and water bottle.  Lunch box if your child will have packed lunch.  

(Your child will not need a pencil case, pencils, paper, calculator – these are provided by the school)


Where do other parents buy uniforms from?

Order uniform with the school logo embroidered on it here.

School uniform without a logo can be purchased from high street stores and supermarkets.  Marks & Spencer, Sainsburys and Aldi are very popular.  Top tip – Sainsburys blue jumpers and cardigans are almost an exact match for the schools official blue colour.

M&S have 20% off school uniform usually in the first week of June.

Aldi and Lidl have uniform events each year, this will take place around Thursday 9th July.

Aldi 2019 prices – Polo shirt 2 pack £1.75, Shirts 2 pack £2.49, Skirt/ trousers £1.75, 2 pack pinafore £5.99, shoes £5.99.

Uniform grants are available from Edinburgh Council for those who qualify.

Edinburgh School Uniform Bank can provide uniform for families facing financial hardship and the school will always supply uniform if asked.

Where do you get the best school shoes?

A lot of parents go to Clarks, although they can cost more they are generally very durable.  There is a Clarks outlet branch in Livingston.  Other parents use M&S, high street stores or supermarkets.

How many uniforms does your child need?

If possible 2 or 3 sets of school uniform is enough.  Extra polo shirts are helpful as they get worn out very quickly. Uniform usually only lasts one day before needing to be washed after facing school dinners, art lessons and outdoor play.

Where do you buy PE kit?

Aldi – crew neck white t-shirt 2 pack £1.79, joggers £2.99, trainers £5.99

Decathlon also has a wide range of quality and reasonably priced sports kit.

Does my child take PE kit to school every week?

No- due to the current context, P1-P3 children will not change for PE and there should be no kit in school.

What about outdoor kit?

In Decathlon you can purchase waterproof over trousers for £5.99, waterproof coats start at £5.99 and willies from £3.99.  Tresspass, Mountain Warehouse and Go Outdoors are other options. The school will always provide outdoor kit if asked.

Outdoor kit it stays in school until the last day of term when it comes home to be washed and returned on the first day of the new term.

Does my child need to bring snacks to school?

Yes.  Your child will need a snack for morning break time. Healthy snacks are strongly encouraged and must be nut free.   Children are not allowed to swap or share snack.

What happens if my child doesn’t eat their lunch?

The school lunch areas are staffed and children will always be encouraged to eat all of their lunch.  If there is something they don’t like they will be encouraged to eat the other things on their plate.  There will always be bread, fruit and yogurt available to make sure children have something to eat.

If children bring a lunch from home, they will bring back any rubbish and uneaten food.

How do you know if the school is closed for a snow day?

St Andrew’s school will contact you by email if the school has been closed for a snow day or emergency.  It is very important the school has the correct contact details for you.  The Edinburgh Council website also provides live updates on school closures and Forth One Radio broadcast information. 

What do I do if my child is late for school in the morning or I am late for pick up?

If you arrive at school late in the morning and the line has already gone into school, take your child to the school office where they will be taken in.  If you are late for pick up email the school office and they will advise next steps.

How do I contact the school or my child’s teacher?

Email admin@foxcovert-rc.edin.sch.uk.  You are asked not to approach the class teacher at drop-off and pick-up times as they are performing other duties.

How much do you donate for dress down days?

Occasionally St Andrew’s will have dress down days to raise money for charity.  Children are asked to bring a donation to help raise funds. Donations are optional.  The amount you donate is entirely up to you and what you can afford, a suggestion would be £1.

Will my child appear on social media?

When your child starts school you will be asked to complete a document giving you the option for your child’s photo to be used in social media.  If you chose to allow your child’s image to be used then it’s likely they will appear on the St Andrew’s Twitter account or website if they have won an award, been on a school trip or achieved something in class.  The image will never be accompanied by their name  If you do not give permission for your child’s image to be used they will be edited out of class or group photos and their name will not appear.