P7-S1 Transition

Visits to St Augustine’s RC High School are organised before the summer holidays and children from other catchment schools who will be attending the same secondary school will have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other and their teachers. While the children are participating in classroom activities and meeting their class teacher, parents will have an opportunity to view the school and are given a brief explanation of school life (COVID-19 PERMITTING)

Click here for full details of the 2020/2021 transition opportunities and process.

If you wish your child to attend a secondary school other than the catchment denominational or non-denominational secondary school for your home address, you will be required to make a Placing Request as detailed in the Placing Request section below.

You do not need to submit a Placing Request if you want your child to transfer from a non-denominational secondary school or vice-versa at the primary to secondary transfer stage, as long as the intended secondary school is still the catchment school for your home address. Parents of children who are planning to change from denominational to non-denominational or vice-versa between primary and secondary school should ensure that both the primary school and the intended secondary school know what is to happen.

We are very proud of our Primary 7- High School Transition Programme and our activities include:

  • visits (COVID-19 PERMITTING) from Primary 5
  • visits from high school staff to our classes
  • competitions run by the high school
  • events run by the high school
  • Transition TIP workshops; a chance for each Primary 7 to talk 1:1 with a member of school staff for their hopes (and any worries) abut moving to high school
  • Primary 7 ‘Moving On’ topic
  • working with parents to create the P7 Yearbook
  • attending a dance with other cluster primary schools (COVID-19 PERMITTING)
  • going to camp with cluster primary schools (COVID-19 PERMITTING)
  • competing My World of Work Profiles to support transition

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