Home Learning

We publish Home Learning tasks to MS365 on a Monday. All tasks are due for the Monday of the following week- we know how busy family life can be and this gives families the flexibility to structure home learning in a way that works for individual circumstances. Each week you can choose to complete Mild, Medium or Hot tasks. As a minimum we advise all families to engage in the Mild Tasks as we believe doing so will have a positive and lasting impact.

Do you need to borrow a device (tablet) to access your home learning? Please let us know by emailing or calling the school office.

Mild Tasks

Will usually include the following items:

  • explore the Wednesday Word (this is a digital worksheet that you can complete and discuss)
  • discuss the Weekly Intended Learning (the intended learning for your child’s class will be published weekly- on their section of the website)
  • engage in reading (pages/ chapters will be set in class each week)

Medium Tasks

Will usually include the following items:

  • all Mild Tasks
  • learn and remember spelling words
  • complete maths challenge

Hot Tasks

  • all Mild Tasks
  • all Medium Tasks
  • Head Teacher Challenge (will be set by Mrs Favier and although a fun task, will really stretch our learners to think creatively!)