Mobile Devices/ Social Media

Use of social media

We understand the benefits of using social media; however if misused, our school community can be negatively affected, such as by damaging the school’s reputation. We advise parents, and carers to conduct themselves on social media using the following three commons approach to online behaviour:

  • common courtesy
  • common decency
  • common sense

Responsible Use Policy May 2020

Digital Learning Quick Start Guide for Learners Parents Carers

Mobile Devices

We understand that , particularly as our pupils get older, mobile devices are an essential means of communication.  Mobile devices must be switched off during the school day. If, for example in an emergency, a mobile device needed to be used in the playground  before or after school this should be done discreetly and photographs should not be taken.

Pupils should hand their device to their Class Teacher upon arrival/ at the start of the school day. All devices will be locked away for safe keeping. They will be returned to pupils at the end of the school day. Pupils will not be permitted to carry mobile devices on school trips.

The security of mobile devices is the responsibility of the pupil. The school is not insured for personal belongings and mobile devices are brought into school at owner’s risk.