St Andrew’s Learns

How does it all fit together?

How does learning look, feel and sound at St Andrew’s?

To ensure a quality learning and teaching we ensuring the following elements are always part of the learning experience. We

  • nurture strong relationships with all of our pupils; they know we are there to support and guide them
  • display clear, meaningful learning intentions
  • jointly construct challenging success criteria with our pupils
  • use a range of learning strategies
  • know when our learners are not progressing and assist them
  • providing immediate and relevant feedback
  • actively modelling how to be a learner by exploring our four learning characters and their qualities

Whether we are learning actively, beyond or within the classroom, though play, discovery or online, the ‘essential ingredients’ listed above underpin our practice and ensure our school values nurture, inspire and flourish are evident in every lesson.

How will my child be assessed?

Assessment is for Learning at St Andrew’s

From time to time, our learners may engage in tests and pupils in P1, P4, P7 complete online standardised assessments in literacy and numeracy as part of everyday teaching and learning. The assessments help to identify children’s progress, providing diagnostic information that support teachers’ professional judgement. The information provided by the assessments helps teachers to assess children’s progress and to plan next steps in learning.

We use ‘real life’ contexts when learning beyond the classroom to plan rich assessment opportunities for all learners.

As pupils progress through our school, teachers use a range of assessment strategies, including the Assessment FOR Learning strategies noted above. Pupils are also involved in assessing their own progress and developing their next steps as described in the Assessment AS Learning part of the diagram.