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I’m Rebecca Favier- proud head teacher at St Andrew’s Fox Covert, passionate about the outdoors as a space for learning and committed to the ensuring very best for the community I serve. Thanks for visiting!

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Meet Our Learning Characters

Building skills for success often begins with recognising our strengths and acknowledging areas for growth. In doing this work with our pupils, we have not only identified useful tools for conversation and exploration but also an interesting opportunity to look and learn within ourselves. In 2018 Skills Development Scotland published a key document, Skills 4.0:Continue reading “Meet Our Learning Characters”

Our hill, my paths

There’s something special about Corstorphine Hill but it’s actually quite hard to put your finger on just what it is that makes it so magical up there. Is it the walled garden with its iron gates and exquisite planting or the boggy pools near the rocks on the west side? Perhaps it is the stoneContinue reading “Our hill, my paths”

About Me

My earliest memory involves me playing schools with my siblings in the ‘wilderness’ that was our back garden in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Later, exploring the world’s places and spaces took me up hills and into waters near and far before I settled (for a while) in Nagpur, Central India. But the pull of Edinburgh’s landscape and people was strong and I returned to spend my thirties teaching children and building school community.

My love of playing and learning in outdoor places has travelled with as a class teacher, depute head teacher and now as head teacher and school leader at St Andrew’s, I shape the spaces and approaches where meaningful learning and teaching, both within and beyond the classroom, take place.

I explore, I share, I write, I think, I learn and I laugh… a lot