Global Citizens of Our Interconnected World

At St Andrew’s we are developing local, national and international citizens who:

• are aware of our wider world and have a sense of our own roles as world citizens
• respect and value diversity and challenge discrimination
• have an understanding of how our world works
• are passionately committed to social justice
• participate in our community from the local to the global
• work with others to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place
• take responsibility for our own actions.

What is it not about?

  • fundraising (its about learning!)
  • telling others what to think and do (its about learning!)
  • only about far away places
  • just a focus on a particular day or week

We are where we are!

Around the world there is a growing recognition of the fundamental importance of educating for global citizenship because:
• all learners need a safe space in which to explore complex and controversial global issues they encounter through the media and their own experiences (even our youngest learners are already trying to make sense of a world marked by division, conflict, environmental change, inequality and poverty
• it has a critical role to play in equipping a generation with the vision and means to rise to complex challenges that transcend national borders
• we live in an increasingly globalised and interconnected world in which the global is part of our everyday lives, and analysis of seemingly local issues benefits from global perspectives
• our learners at St Andrew’s tell us they want to learn more about global issues.

How do we do it?

A Big Development

Global Link School
(2021/2022 School Development Priority)
This year we are developing a new project with a school in India where we can learn both with and from them about the issues impacting children across the globe. We will also work with them to celebrate our shared success, commonalities and everything that’s great about being a kid in the 21st Century. Watch this space!